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    Jul 7, 2009
    I think I'm more anxious to get the iBookstore up and running because there are some books that I want to buy but finding them in a format that is universal (for me mostly) has been part of the problem.

    I hope that this unifies all of the formats (yes, I know there will be DRM) but I want a format, or I guess a location where I can buy my eBook and then read it on my laptop, my desktop, my iPhone, my iPod or (maybe) my iPad.

    If I buy now, I'm stuck with it on either a Kindle (which I don't currently have), or the Kindle app on my iPhone (which isn't bad). But there is no reader for OSX yet thus I can't read it there.

    If I buy something from BN.com I have to use THEIR reader to read, and it sucks.

    There are many other formats out there, but as an end user I don't care. I just want them all to work natively without me having to switch from one app to another depending on which device I'm on. I also want the standard app to work seamlessly, meaning if I'm on my Laptop and read 10 pages; I can get it to sync with my phone keeping the current page / notes / bookmarks intact.

    I hope that Apple gets most of this right, gets it all setup so that you can read on any device (maybe not the syncing) but eliminates much of the confusion and problems with eBooks the way they are now. Ideally all eBooks would be DRM free, ePub format, but that's unrealistic. But please just let me use them like I do my music; put it on my devices and let me be free!

    The second thing I hope is that most of the publishers get on board with Apple ASAP. Thus just about ANY book would be available via iBook and I don't have to go hunting all over the place to find the book I want. Make it easy and I will buy.

    I would love it if they put the service up NOW! Open the store, let us see what is available, let us buy things now, and release the reader for OSX/Windows/iPhone now. . . let me start spending money!
    (obviously it isn't quite ready yet)
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    Feb 19, 2005
    I'm eager to see iBooks as well for some similar reasons that you mention.
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    Feb 3, 2010
    Same here I want to read it on all my devices.

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