iCal 2.0?


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Jun 1, 2004
California Coast
Well, let's see if the folks in Cupertino have finally given us a calendar app worthy of the Apple logo. Hope so -

The adverts say there are "many" options for printing hard copies of the calendars - that's nice.

The lower split screen looks promising.

My biggest question - Will iCal 2.0 and Tiger map an event LOCATION to my Palm O/S PDA? It is silly to have an event in the calendar and not have the LOCATION mapped over to my Palm.

Does anyone know if this is included in iCal 2.0?


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Jan 9, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Are you talking about the lower horizontal split in this view:

You actually get that in the current iCal as soon as you type in a search term. And you get the right-hand split when you click the thumbtack icon at the bottom.

But anyway, agreed, looks like iCal has some nice improvements. Apple had quietly been improving it during Panther -- it got a much-needed boost to how it handles meeting recurrence sometime last year.

EDIT: The location field doesn't sync at all for your Palm? Not to be patronizing, but are you sure you have all the settings right? :eek: That would drive me crazy. It syncs fine with my Nokia. :eek:


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Apr 6, 2002
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My Blackberry syncs the location. Well, I'm using PocketMac for the Blackberry along with iSync. Can't understand why Palm would not.


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Jan 31, 2005
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Yeah, the fact that the location isnt transfered to my palm frustrates me too. I am wondering if it is a limitation of Palm, as when you create an appointment on Palm there is no location field.


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Jan 9, 2004
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bluebomberman said:
Location doesn't sync to my iPod, either. Annoying.
I just checked this on my iPod, and it doesn't have locations either. :( But my Nokia definitely, so iCal and iSyncy in Panther are definitely able to do this, at least for some devices. But I don't see any options anywhere that could account for why you're not getting it, Jimbo. There aren't any relevant options in the Palm conduit software, are there? Or things that show up when you click on the Palm icon in iSync?


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Sep 23, 2003
Seems you're confusing iCal, iSync and the transport Mac <-> device to put the data on your device...

- Since some device gets events location from iCal, it means that iCal does its job: telling iSync the events location, so this is not an iCal issue.

- If iPod does not get location, it is likely because for now, iPod don't know how to display them and iSync either puts the location field on the iPod or just avoid to do so because it knows that field won't be used. iPod software might evolve (or already evolved) and might become able to display the "events location field". It is possible iSync has to be upgraded to stay in "sync" with the iPod features

- Like iPods, some devices don't support location field

- If the device supports a location field and iSync does not send that field to the device, it may be because of a lot of issues like the transport iSync has to use to sync with the device does not support sending the field value, or that value handling in the sync process raises real troubles because of device's bugs or limitations or...
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