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    I've done multiple searches but all yield the wrong side of the answer, so I'll try to word it carefully here.

    I have a OSX 10.6 server with iCal.

    iCal works and I can see this on a mac, or thru my a users personal wiki page. On the mac the caldav was setup by entering the user name, password and domain name. OSX did the rest - great.

    I also have Groups, and a group wiki with a calendar. Here the problem begins.

    - the group-wiki web-based calendar works.
    - the iCal group-wiki works based on http://server.mydomain.com:8008/principals/wikis/myGroupWiki/

    However, information placed on either the web, or iCal, is not synched.

    I have done various tests including putting entries on each and at the same time on the User personal calendars. The personal calendars are updated, but not the wiki calendars.

    My guess is that the synching works, it is just that I am pointing to 2 different calendars for the group-wiki.

    But then, I cannot get this to work...

    any suggestions ?

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