iCal has two April 15ths - Wed and Thur

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    Apr 29, 2009
    My iCal showed up this month with April 15 appearing on both Wed (correct) and Thursday (which is not). The mini-month in the bottom left corner is correct though, but the main calendar is wrong. As a result the month ends on the indicated 29th (which is really the 30th). Then May begins on the correct day of the week (Friday) but it is labelled the 30th and the entire month of May (in both main and mini-calendars) is called April, I assume because the first day of the month was still in April according to iCal.

    I have recently had a time-zone challenge which is not resolved and may be all or part of the problem. Pakistan where I am has just re-introduced daylight savings time but the Mac time zones don't believe in it. I downloaded the new tz files and ran the time zone compiler but it still does not appear correctly. I now have a choice of having setting the time here to appear right which puts the entire rest of the world out by one hour or living with the one hour difference here and knowing what time I should phone home.

    Any thoughts appreciated.


    MBP 2.4 GHz
    OS X 10.5.6

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