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    View attachment 325815 I've sent this idea off to BusyCal along with the iCal team, but one of the things that always felt cludgy about iCal was that you could only see one type of calendar at at time. i.e. you have to switch between seeing your month or your week or your day, and you couldn't see you month and you day at the same time.

    As a result, I often just leave everything in week view because it gives me a decent idea of what is going on today and the rest of the week.

    I was inspired by the mophology changes that Xcode is capable of and how it can go from a simple, single window text editor, to a full blown, show you anything you could ever want editor and everything in between. Essentially, it does a good job of being powerful and as simple as any individual would want it to be.

    I made a quick sketch up of what iCal could look like if you could have more than one Calendar View open at once. I think it would be a good improvement.

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    These days with all the screen estate we have, it seems like a really good idea.

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