iCal in Lion is a big step down for me

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by Doc69, Aug 12, 2011.

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    iCal in Lion is a big step down for me from 10.6.

    I'm very happy that we finally got a Year view. But that gain came with a steep price, the loss of the 'Mini Calendar' and 'Calendar List' pane on the left that we had in 10.6. With the large monitor sizes we have these days, it would make more sense to show MORE information in the main window, not less. Why do we now need two extra mouse clicks on the 'Year' and 'Calendars' buttons to glance at a longer term calendar or view the calendar list? There is plenty of room for them to be visible at all times. Productivity loss.

    The animations in Week, Month and Year view are both distracting and wastes time. Please make it possible for the user to turn those off. The month view animation, for example, is so slow that you can't even do two rapid 'CMD+Arrow keys' in a row. You have to do one at a time and wait for the animation to finish before you can go to the next month. Productivity loss.

    In 'Year View', the dates outside the current month are highlighted in gray, just like in 10.6. That's how I think it should be. But in the 10.7, the 'Month View' for some reason, have the weekends highlighted in gray instead. I know when the weekend is. It's the same EVERY week. It is more productive to highlight the days outside of the current calendar month.

    The user interface, with it's new leather look, looks nice on the iPad but is quite distracting and unprofessional looking on your work Mac (this goes for you too, Address Book!). The application itself should be as invisible as possible, it is the content that is important. Apple have already implemented this idea in the new Finder and iTunes 10, by getting rid of the colored icons etc. Why not use the same approach with iCal and the address book too? It would be great if Apple could add a "Classic Mode', or a mode that makes iCal look as invisible like the Finder, so the user can decide on the look for themselves.

    And last, one feature that I have always missed in iCal, is the ability to highlight a day in month view (making it gray), and then being able to move around using the arrow keys (both horizontally and vertically). This would be very helpful for planning, where I by quickly pressing the down arrow button five times for example, I would end up on the same week day but five weeks ahead instead. Since the arrow keys, without a modifier key, does not seem to be in use in iCal, it seems like this function would be very easy to implement. Also, I miss that you can no longer highlight a day in 'Month View', like you could in 10.6.

    It is unbelievable that Apple does not seem to have any interest in making iCal and Address Book more professional. Especially since just a few small changes would make these application so much better. For people who work on or spend a lot of time on their Macs, these two applications are probably the most used after Safari and the Apple Mail. So it would make a lot of sense to me to improve their functionality and ease of use. I can always dream, can't I?
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    Jul 13, 2008
    I tend to agree. I had abandoned iCal in favor of BusyCal, mainly because of sync issues with Google calendars and serving calendars, but also because of the lack of a good list view. At least that is remedied to an extend in iCal, but it still doesn't have scrollable lists in the month view.

    And the look of iCal and Address Book is amateurish. Couldn't they have put at least a minimal effort into that? Maybe they want to leave the field to other application developers.

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