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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by archdelux, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Was hoping other could chime in:

    I have my ical, my iphone, my ipad synced with google for calendar, mail, etc. My calendar syncs fine, but I cannot move or delete events on my computer and have that translate to google servers (and thus my phone/ipad). Creating events works no problem. Any workarounds?

    Looks like it might be a known issue, but I would think more people would be complaining about it if it was affecting everyone
    (click on the second to last link there)

    my iOS devices sync beautifully still (iphone, ipad) with google. But it is my computer ical that does not sync with google and thus does not sync with my iphone/ipad..

    Does anyone else have this issue (or does anyone else have this working perfectly fine?)

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    There are some subtle incompatibilities between iCal and google calendar. It mostly works, but there are issues--like this. You're better off using iCloud for contacts and calendars.
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    Thanks...But this is a new issue..iCal and google worked perfectly before iCloud came out so it seems almost like apple intentionally prevented proper syncing in order to push people to iCloud...anyone know a workaround?

    Seems odd that no one else has this issue..
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    It gives me a server error when I try and delete events using iCal & Google...that's a big let down. Guess I will just be putting a link to Google Calendar on my computer.
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