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    Jun 18, 2009

    I need some help here solving ical server set up on os x server.

    I have a mac mini loaded with os x server 10.5 and i need them to be able to grab ical data from my calendar as well as my colleagues calendar.

    First i will want my colleague to be able edit my calendar and to plan my schedule. The updated data will also need to be present at my mobile me account, which is my iphone.

    Would like to know if its possible since i met with many problems like server asking me for domain names and asking me to connect to one.

    Appreciate any help regarding the setting up of ical server and connecting it from macbooks.

  2. bewithkarthi macrumors newbie

    May 29, 2009
    Setting Up iCal Server

    Setting up iCal Server:-
    • Open Server Admin and select your server in the list of servers on the left.
    • Click the Settings button in the toolbar, click the Services tab, select the iCal service,and click Save
    • Select the iCal service in the list of services under your server on the left side of Server Admin.
    • Click the Settings button in the toolbar to view the options.
    • Change the user quota to 20 MB and click Save.
    • You set user quotas to prevent users from attaching extremely large files to every event they have. For example, if a user attaches a 900 KB file to one event, they are under the maximum attachment size. However, if they have more than 20 events, they may run into the user quota limit, thus preventing them from attaching any more files to events.
    • Click the Start iCal button to start the service.
    • Enable iCal Service for users in Workgroup manager.

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