iCal sync via MobileMe on 10.6.8 broken

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    Feb 25, 2009
    Has anybody else experienced any issues syncing iCal over MobileMe since the iCloud launch?

    I've just (twice!) created a new Calendar on iCal under OS X 10.6.8 to provide a list of daily reminders at different times to help with a family member's medicine scheduling. I need this calendar to be synced across my desktop and iOS devices so that I receive the reminder regardless of where I am at the time.

    Part way through creating the new Calendar, OS X initiated a MobileMe sync, and the new calendar promptly vanished into thin air. A little perturbed, I set about recreating the calendar from scratch, and once I had completed it, initiated a MobileMe sync. I checked my iPhone (running iOS 5) to see if the calendar had synced, but there was no sign of it. I tried another manual sync but then noticed the calendar had Apple's default "warning sign" triangle-in-a-circle icon next to it, implying a sync problem. Nothing I could do could force this calendar to sync, so I quit iCal and relaunched it, at which point the software initiated its own sync, and my newly created calendar promptly vanished into thin air again.

    If this is likely to be a temporary hiccup due to some teething issues, I'd be somewhat annoyed but I'd live with it. However, if it looks like Apple have somehow permanently broken sync features for MobileMe users not using Lion then I am in a whole heap of trouble, as I have a number of reasons why my machine will not be upgraded to Lion at any point in the near future.

    Has anybody else experienced any similar issues recently? I'm really starting to feel like this whole migration business with iCloud is throwing some huge spanners in the works that Apple may not be prepared to fix, given their track record of abandoning "legacy" support.
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    Yep. Definitely. There's a bunch of threads around about MM syncing taking a proverbial dump since the iCloud launch -- many of them with my name in them. ;)

    Blame it on the high demand and load on Apple's servers.

    I went as far as to call AppleCare this morning and the tech didn't have a straight answer for me except to say he had a few such calls today already. They definitely know about the issues.

    Yesterday I was having issues syncing anything at all to my ip4. Calendars, Contacts, Bookmarks -- nothing was coming to the phone. Stuff was syncing across my computers though (iCal was, and remains, quirky however). I went as far as to remove my MobileMe account from the phone and re-add it, only to have no contacts for the last 12 hours or so.

    Just recently the Contacts and Bookmarks synced up to my phone. But iCal syncing is still slow as crap, if it works at all (iCal syncing works a bit differently than Contacts/Bookmarks since it's all CalDAV stuff now). Just need a little patience while things iron themselves out and the load eventually settles.

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