Ice Bucket Challenge leads to New Gene Discovery

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by impulse462, Jul 27, 2016.

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    A lot of people were doing that ice bucket challenge last year. Most people did it in great fun, but some were party poopers who complained about. Some positive results from the money that was donated however:

    It's interesting to note that not only a loss-of-function in NEK1 was associated with significant risk, but a point mutation in the gene leading to a single amino acid change (Arginine->Histidine) also was associated with significant risk.

    Nature article is here:
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    leave it here, glad they found a link.
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    I was very critical of the ice bucket challenge. I am glad to admit that I was wrong.
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    It's one of many genes that are associated actually. At the end of the nature article they mention that it interacts with others and that more studies have to be done to see if NEK1 itself is causative or if other genes it interacts with are
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    Plus it created a record low birth rate 9 months later.

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