Ice tea in iPhone.

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    Ok guys I probably just had the worst wake-up ever. I put my iphone on my nightstand and a cup of ice tea right next to it. There was less than Half an inch left in there but when I woke up it was all over my night stand and under my iPhone. There wasn't any on the touch screen just under it by the case. So how can I tell whether it got inside or there is more damage? I do have the case off and its sitting on my desk off. I do not have rice even though thats what I've heard to put it in.
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    dont worry there probaly isnt any damage, the fist thing i did with my first ipod touch was drop it in cereal, it arrived in the post in the morning and as i was taking the sticky plastic off i pulled too hard and it flipped out of my hand straight into my cereal, and there was nothing wrong wtih it
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    We would recommend a water damage repair service. Place in a bag of rice or silica packs for the time being. Let sit for about 48-72 hours before trying anything. A water damage repair will ensure no corosion has/will be on the board, and any damaged parts are repaired.
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    I don’t understand how the phone was situated physically on the nightstand. If the screen was facing up and in a case and all that happened is tea got spilled on the nightstand, I would doubt you got water damage. Check the indicators in the head phone jack and the dock connector.

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