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    This review is on the IChair Jr iPhone 4 case/stand. This is a unique multimedia case with a stand built into it. It is a slider style case and has a small kickstand on the back of the case that is recessed into the design. The package comes with a front and back screen protector, the full black case, and a additional white top piece to change it up if you want. First thoughts on this case are I wouldn't use it as a everyday case because I never watch movies but if I was traveling I could see where this would come in handy. They make models for the ipad, ipod touch, iphone 3g/3gs and iphone 4.

    The IChair Jr case is made of a hard plastic and has a matte finish on it, it is a slider case so it covers the sides and back as well as a nice lip on the front for lay on table protection. The case has a very nice matte material on the inside to keep the back from getting scratched up, it also comes with a front and rear screen protectors. This case has a thick design which will protect you phone if dropped. Overall this case protects your phone pretty well.

    This case is full of features, to start the matte finish makes it easy to slide in and out of your pocket. The cutouts for the dock connector, speaker, mic, are one large cut out with allows you to get some bigger third party cable in there. The volume buttons and vibrate switch have on large cutout which makes it easily accessible, the cutout is also notched out on the back side so you can reach the buttons even easier. The headphone jack is kinda small but should fit most jacks. The on/off button and the camera cutouts both have a pill shape cutout and is easy to access and will not interfere with the cameras functions.

    Now to the main feature of the case is the stand. The stand is recessed on the back of the case so you just pull it out and you have a stand for your iPhone. The stand will work in portrait and landscape mode so you can watch videos or flip through pictures very easily. I find this function to be good for charging it at night and using a alarm app to show clock, the portrait mode would also be great for face time talk. Overall this case is very functional and is packed with features in the design.

    IChair case quality is pretty good, I really like the matte feel along with the softer matte finish inside the case to keep it from scratching the back when sliding on and off. I have noticed that at the meeting point on the front there is a slight bit of bow where they snap together, i am pretty picky about the fit of cases and it doesn't bother me to it is a really small problem. camera and flash work flawlessly and overall this is a great case. I would recommend the case as a traveling case or to someone who watches a lot of videos.

    The case comes in the all black case and you choose between a white or blue extra top cap. You can pick these up on IChair website for 34 bucks with free shipping, great deal for the amount of protection and features this case gives you.

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    this is great!!!

    i got this case and i love it! i thought i wouldn't be able to use it in portrait, but i send text messages and toggle through facebook app perfectly. The landscape is even better, i can play angry birds and watch movies with my netflix app all the time now. you guys need to get this case, www.goichair.com

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