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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by arneyabroad, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Sep 26, 2006
    Okay, let me start with a little background info. I have a MacBook (4 months old). My husband has an iBook (an early 2005). We have a family .mac account, and my husband also has an individual account. We bought my MacBook and the .mac family account because everything was supposed to work so great together.
    I am in Hawaii using two different types of connection, depending on where I am. T-Mobile HotSpot when not at home, and Clearwire at home. My husband is in Iraq, using who-knows-what. We do know that the other two people, using the same connection, video chat with their wives on PC's using Yahoo with no problems.
    We can text chat on both programs with some fairly frequent problems, but on an acceptable level. We cannot audio or video chat on iChat at all. We can video chat on Yahoo, but only one at a time. And it moves so slow you'd think we were using a decade-old technology, and it pulls the POOF! vanishing trick every couple minutes. Needless to say, it gets old fast.
    Does anyone know any REAL possible solutions? I have read some of the threads of similar issues, and it seems that everyone glosses over the fact that there is a real problem with Mac and iChat. I don't need anyone to stick up for the Mac movement. I am in general pleased with the computers. It's just that this is an important feature for us right now. Thanks for your help!
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    All things being equal, since you and your husband are end to end Mac you shouldn't even need Yahoo IM and it seems pretty bizarre that iChat isn't working at all. The only thing I think of is something most have gotten fouled up somewhere in the configuration, but hard to say where.

    One thing you might try is setting up free AIM accounts for yourself and your husband and try connecting over AIM using iChat. The purpose is to see whether connecting over .mac is potentially the weak link in the chain (since at least to varying degrees, you say Yahoo works). All you need is the free AIM screen name, you don't need to download or use their chat software. Alternatively, if you know anyone else with a Mac setup with iSight, try connecting with them with iChat (.mac and/or AIM) and see if there are any issues.
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