iChat forgets saved passwords after reboot

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    Searched the Lion forum and Google and couldn't find anything on this.

    Every time I reboot my iMac running Lion, iChat needs me to re-enter my passwords for my AIM, Gtalk, and Yahoo! IM accounts. This only happens when I reboot -- that is, if I quit and re-open iChat, it works fine. Anybody else having this?

    Additional details:
    I have a clean install of Lion
    I have Restore windows when quitting/re-openning enabled
    I have the passwords saved in the Mail, Contacts and Calendars Pref pane
    I also direct iChat to save my passwords in the keychain every time I re-enter them
    Having no similar saved password issues in Mail, iCal, etc.

    Having no other problems with the shiny new iChat, and this is of course only a minor nuisance (I only reboot once/day), just curious to know if anybody else has run into this and if there are any solutions floating about.
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    Before doing any of these steps, see if Keychain First Aid helps: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Mac/10.6/en/9081.html

    1. Quit iChat
    2. Open up Keychain Access
    3. Delete any iChat passwords
    4. Toggle the Lock Keychain button On & Off once
    5. Repair Disk Permissions
    6. Go to "~/Library/Saved Application State/"
    7. Delete "com.apple.iChat.savedstate"
    8. Go to "~/Library/Caches/"
    9. Delete "com.apple.iChat"
    10. Restart

    If that doesn't work;
    1. Do the previous steps again (skip restarting & permissions repair)
    2. Go to "~/Library/"
    3. Backup the iChat folder & then delete it
    4. Go to "~/Library/Application Support/"
    5. Backup the iChat folder & then delete it
    6. Go to "~/Library/Preferences/" & "~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/"
    7. Backup & delete any iChat plists
    8. Restart

    If it still fails;
    1. Do parts 1 & 2 again (skip restarting & permissions repair)
    2. Restart in Safe Boot mode (Hold Left Shift before the Apple logo)
    3. Restart again (normally)
    4. Open Terminal
    5. Type "sudo update_dyld_shared_cache -force" & wait for it to finish
    6. Restart
    7. Open Terminal
    8. Type "sudo periodic daily weekly monthly"
    9. Restart

    If all of that doesn't work, your last resort is to try creating a new user account, and then reinstalling OS X.
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    Sep 15, 2007

    I had an issue where i saw everyone online but nobody saw me online on their buddy list. even though i was not set to invisible. I followed your first step, and BOOYAAAA

    Now it works. Thanks a million


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