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    Feb 18, 2008
    I have been using iClipboard since version 1, owning licenses for all five versions. I have two persistent problems that have been reported a few times for just shy of one year (according to their Ticket Status) and the only thing I have ever received was one email in response to each support request promising follow up contact within 24 hours. In two more weeks it will be one year since my first request - nadda.

    One problem is no big deal. Every time I run any maintenance utility I receive a message that the Chronos Plist file is corrupt. This has been going on for as long as I recall, but does not seem to be an issue.

    Unless of course it is related to an annoying problem that I experience daily, and that is an error message that pops up when I highlight and copy text - one word or one page. The error is requesting the location of a missing file supposedly associated with whatever application I am copying from. For months I close the error message window and proceed with my work - but enough is enough. I attached a sample of an error that conveniently popped up when I attempted to copy my last email to Chronos that I will post below. I have attached a copy of the error message.

    Final letter to Chronos "Support" - refund requested:

    Good afternoon Chronos Support,

    I attached three more screen shots of the errors that I have been experiencing daily for close to one year.

    The most recent of the examples "conveniently" occurred moments ago when attempting to copy a portion of this email. Please see attached.

    Over this past year or repeated errors, I replaced my laptop and am now operating with a newer OS. Regardless of the change in equipment and OS, the errors persist daily.

    Contrary to your 24 hour estimate provided in your automated email sent in response to support requests, I have heard from no one in the two months since I submitted the latest trouble report and request for assistance. and when I went on line to check on the status of my request, your system pointed out that my prior request regarding the same problem was submitted just shy of ONE YEAR AGO. Also no response.

    I own licenses for versions 1 through 5 (also see attached).

    But I am no longer willing to work around daily errors, and since it is clear that you are either or both unwilling and unable to provide support, I have uninstalled iClipboard and I am requesting a refund of $29.99.

    Please respond - preferably with reimbursement.


    Jon B

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    I've owned iClipboard for a while (it's still working) and a mess of their other products. But their support is HORRID.

    Not only that, but they jettisoned SOHO Notes. Which was the successor to Sticky Brain. Heard nothing from them on that for months, if not years. Now they have a new...Sticky Notes. Nope, no thanks. It doesn't even mention if you can import your former SOHO notes.

    Stay away.

    And try LaunchBar. It does tons of stuff, but it also preserves clippings. You hit a keyboard command, up comes a list. A new feature is that it has the application that did the copying. Hit spacebar, and it shows the clipping. Hit return, it's pastd into whatever you're focused on. Another cool feature is that you can combine clippings into one clipping to paste.

    And that's just its clipboard function. It does WAY more.
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    Thanks robgendreau,

    I own Launchbar but never installed it. I appreciate your time - and the tip!


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