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  1. deafred macrumors newbie

    Jul 15, 2012
    Ok ok, have read and search forums/google.

    Just like to share my experience with iCloud,

    Before anyone loses the plot about the topic surfacing yet again, let me explain my issue....I don't have a pc or a Mac, am traveling ATM with an iPhone 4s & iPad (new).

    Given I use the iPhone as my happy snap camera, I now have in excess of 4000 pics on it. Yes I should have managed and removed them on the fly but thats beside the point. I purchased extra iCloud storage and at the minute have used 12gb of 25gb, mainly all of which are pics.

    It seems from the net research I can't access iCloud directly from either idevices as per a pc/Mac? The reason I want to do this....is twofold 1. to check what pics are up there before I delete them all from the phone (ie have no confidence in iCloud due to photostream issues) & 2. Would like the ability to access "old" shots on both devices. Photostreams inability to do this is frustrating.

    Am I missing something or is iCloud completely flawed for pics? It's works very well for everything else, calanders etc. Is there a work around?!? I have reverted to uploading all 4000+ pics to Dropbox, which needless to say is painfully slooooww.

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    [deleted entire chunk]

    i read the other thread, i guessed you're well versed.

    so to your questions, if it was backup'ed to icloud. i don't think you can access them with a mac/pc anyway.

    No work around, for the moment, I guess. So I guess the uploading of 4000+ pics is your only option.
  3. deafred thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 15, 2012
    Thank you. So iCloud isn't accessible from a pc/Mac either?!? Just iTunes I presume? As haven't used it with a pc/Mac yet have no idea, currently using a lot of storage on iCloud, have 25gb. Must be able to access to the data somehow.. Gathering iCloud isn't like Dropbox, which I prefer now anyway.

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