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    Jul 10, 2008
    I've tried searching, and maybe I'm using the wrong terms, but I'm not really finding my issue. I apologize if it's already been answered.

    Anyhoo, this is the issue I'm running into. I had a set of contacts I wanted to import to iCloud, so I enabled iCloud contacts from Address Book on my MBP running 10.7.2. I set the preferences in Address Book to be Default Account: iCloud.

    When I did the import, it appeared to go fine, and I verified that the entire group was in Address Book (just for clarity, it was 134 vCards). I waited a few minutes, then I went to check iCloud, and not all of the contacts were there (83 out of the 134 were on iCloud. Thinking it was a time issue, I've let it sit for a few days, and it's still sitting at the same amount.

    Thinking that maybe it's a sync issue between my computer and iCloud, I enabled iCloud contacts on my iPhone 4S, and I only got 120 contacts. Better, but not perfect.

    I've gone ahead and deleted one of the contacts that didn't appear to sync across from my laptop and re-added it manually, but it never showed up on iCloud. I get the same result if I try to re-import just that vCard. However, if I re-create the contact on iCloud, it does show up on my Mac.

    If I turn off iCloud sync from my Mac, I no longer see any contacts in my local Address Book. I still see 84 contacts in iCloud. When I turn on iCloud Contacts sync again, though, I see all 134 originally imported contacts on my Mac.

    I'm confused. Any ideas about how I can purge all my contacts completely? Or is there something less drastic that I can do? Am I missing a previous thread where this was resolved?
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    Nov 1, 2011
    Couldn't agree more!

    I've got pretty much the same set of problems ie different degrees synchronisation (or none at all!) across my various Apple devices since migrating to iCloud. Sync on my MB and MP (OSX) is ok but on my iPhone, iPad and VMware W7 MP it's a disaster!

    One possible issue that occurs to me may be to do with the fact I have both mac.com (POP3) and me.com (IMAP) emaisl. I've always used the mac.com version but Apple support seem to think I should be using the me.com version (or at least the same login to iCloud) across all devices.

    The trouble is that on my iPhone and iPad if I try to login using me.com it converts to mac.com anyway. All machines have a habit of hanging (waiting for verification) when turning contacts or calendars on/off.

    This is truly the first time I've been disappointed by an Apple offering. This is much worse than the MobileMe problem!

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