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    Okay, I need some help. Basically, my work gave me an android device and I do not know any android app or settings that can uses icloud alias to send email. I have been taking advantage of the alias email since day 1 and it will confuse a lot of people why I kept on replying with a different email. I am not sure am I asking too much, but I just want something like my iphone to send email.

    btw, I learned from the following article how to sync using my icloud account.

  2. Rigby macrumors 601

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    You can use any of your iCloud aliases as your From: address when sending mail through Apple's SMTP server. If this is a standard Android email client, you should be able to change the address in the setting.

    Note that the From: address is different from the user name required to authenticate with the iCloud mail servers (which should be your primary iCloud address without the "@icloud.com" or "@me.com").

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