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WigWag Workshop

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Good Day Folks!

Not sure how to explain my question, will try my best. The issue I am having is, in iTunes, under devices it is showing 4+ gigs of music. I use iCloud and Match, how do I clear the cache (music I have downloaded from iCloud, so it's not taking up 4 gigs of music on my iPhone? On the iPhone its self, it is showing I have 8 gigs available, but in iTunes under my device, it is showing, I am over capacity, and it lists the songs that I have listened to from iCloud.
Please ask me any any questions, if you need further information.

Thanks In Advance,


WigWag Workshop

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Bummer, usually folks are very helpful here. Do I need to provide more information? I really appreciate the time everyone takes to answer questions. Everyone has been very helpful in the past! I was thinking of "de-authorizing" all the devices, and starting from scratch. Even thinking of turning off match, and starting from scratch.

Travis Bickle

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Feb 11, 2011
I've a similar problem.

Signed up with musicmatch and have my collection in "the cloud" however when i was first setting it up i was having a play around and downloaded some albums to my device (4s) which are now very difficult to remove.

The only solution i've found is to go to your music app and check in the "album" tab and "song" tab and scroll to the bottom to see how many songs or albums you have in total - these will include everything in "the cloud". This isn't necessary but aids in establishing how many songs are directly on your device.

then, go to:

where it shows the "switches" for "iTunes match" and "show all music", turn off "show all music"

when you now go into your music app you can scroll down to the bottom of the "album" tab or "songs" tab and see how many songs or albums are on your device - compare to the number you viewed previously and you should see a reduction in number.

Depending on the number of songs or albums you have on the device go through each album or song and swipe to the left over them, this will bring up the red delete button. Click on that and it will remove the song or album from the device. I've found removing the album easier unless i specifically want to keep certain songs installed.

Not the best way to go about removing stuff but the only way i've found.

Good luck.

**Just thought of another way if you want to remove everything:

go to:

wait a few seconds to allow it collate the info then under storage look at the music tab which will show you the amount of memory being used.

click on the music tab and it shows everything related to the music player; podcasts;music etc. Again, left swipe on one of those to bring up the red delete button and click it - this will remove everything in one hit.
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