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    So I just purchased an iCloud plan.

    I have turned iCloud on on my iMac, my iPhone and an iPad.

    I was under the impression that my photos from the new Photos app on my iMac would upload to a magical cloud and I would be able to retrieve them on my iPhone and iPad.

    It doesn't seem to be uploading to the iCloud. I followed the directions, what might I be missing?

    And.... being the eternal optimist, once my photos are all in this magical iCloud I can stop syncing them on to my phone to have them with me correct? Leaving much memory space free on my iPhone.
  2. Mike Boreham, May 22, 2015
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    On the iDevices you need to turn on iCloud Photo Library in Settings -> "Photos and Camera"

    Also check "Optimise iPhone Storage" and/or "Optimise iPad Storage".

    On the iMac you need to launch the Photos app and create a library if you haven't already. In Photos preferences on the iMac turn on iCloud Photo Library.

    I suggest not turning on Photostream unless you know why you want to.

    Syncing uploading willtake a litle while first time depending on how many photos.

    Dont understand your last sentence about stopping syncing to your phone...why? the whole point of Photos is to have all your photos everywhere. If you have the "optimise" setting as above Photos will not use up too much space at all.

    Google will find some good intros, and the Take Control ebook has just been released.

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