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    Jun 23, 2013
    Could someone tell me what files are in Mountain Lion's ICloud and screensharing services? I've been seeing some processes related to these programs in Activity Monitor, and I'd like to get rid of them permanently if I can*, or break them somehow. I know Apple Ubiquity must be related to ICloud in some way, are there any more?

    Besides seeing processes like ubd and FindMyMac listed in Activity Monitor, there has been some really strange behavior on my Macbook recently - I go in to delete System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Screensharing or whatever, end up having to reformat (for a different reason), and suddenly the permissions on that folder have changed, and I'm not able to click the little unlock icon at all to change them. I also see a ton of root activity from processes I've never seen before popping up, after I manage to delete some of this stuff.

    Also, does anyone know what other services would show in Activity Monitor for ICloud and screensharing?

    *I do not have ICloud linked to my Macbook, and in the ICloud accounts themselves, I don't have them turned on at all. I also have all sharing services turned off on my Mac, in the System Preferences. Apple's support people say they also do not see ICloud listed as enabled for my Mac. I don't have any plans to ever use any of these services, so I'd really like to get rid of them on the system if possible. Help!
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    Deleting system files can cause all sorts of issues. And when you say "reformat" what do you mean exactly, and what steps are you taking?
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    I realize going into the system files and deleting them is fairly drastic, but I've tried several different things, over the course of two months, to no avail. Here's what I tried before:

    - Made sure all sharing services were off in System Preferences
    - Looked in ICloud part of Mac to make sure it was not linked
    - Logged into ICloud's site to see if it was enabled there
    - Enabled Apple firewall (with no incoming traffic allowed + in 'stealth mode'), as well as installed Little Snitch
    - Ran ClamXav and Sophos
    - Erased and reinstalled OS X at least a dozen times
    - Installed and configured IceFloor for web and system traffic only
    - Even tried using Wireshark to examine traffic

    The reason for the different methods is because at first I wasn't sure exactly what was the culprit. I'm still not sure if it is ICloud, although it seems doubtful. I think it is one of the sharing services.

    In IceFloor (the IPFW firewall), I turned off all traffic in or out, and closed all programs (including browsers), to examine where exactly this traffic was heading. It is going out to a 1e100.net (which seem to be Google servers; I have no Google applications installed on my laptop) address almost every few seconds, through ports, 80 and 443, while I do nothing at all, including Web browsing, on my end.

    Sometimes the traffic goes to servers on akaimaitechnologies.com, Amazon's EC2, and a couple of other cloud servers I can't remember the name of. Wireshark confirms this.

    Also, by 'reformat' I mean basically erase/reinstall Mountain Lion. Not sure if that's the right term for it, I'm not particularly computer savvy, and also new to Macs.

    Sorry for the long post, but I have actually been working on this for at least two months, and I'm pretty frustrated.

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