iCloud and Syncing Photos

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    So here is my situation. Currently I used SpiderOak to keep my photos in sync across 2 Macbook Pros. Every now and then I sync our 2 iPhones through iTunes to ensure that all the photos are on our iPhones.

    Now I am using iCloud for my calendar and reminders, but want to know whether it would be a good replacement for using SpiderOak to keep them in sync.

    I know that with iCloud and PhotoStream, if I take a photo with my iPhone, it will transfer across to my wife's iPhone. What happens if I import a hole set of photos into my Macbook Pro and iPhoto - will that set come across to my phone automatically, and to the other Macbook, or do I have to initiate something on my end? Will it be organised well, or just in the one sort of folder?

    Any help on this would be great (I don't currently use iPhoto, but will use it if it will make life easier).

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    Photostream only stores up to a 1000 photos. And will purge any photos that are older than 30 days from the stream. It will not do what you are looking for...

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