iCloud and WiFi Networks Synced??

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    So i recently flashed my router with DD-WRT and setup new access points for my house. When i went into System Preferences>Network>WiFi>advanced on my iMac, i noticed WiFi access points that Ive connected to with my iPhone. Thought this was strange due to the fact the iMac has never left my house. I added my iMac to the 5 GHZ channel and my phone to the 2.4 GHZ. Then i watched right in front of my eyes ion my network settings on the iMac the access point get added and my iMac switch from the 5 GHZ to the 2.4 GHZ. So again i removed the one i didn't want then my phone dropped of my WiFi.

    I wasn't aware they synced and if so, how do i stop this from happening?

    Also not too if this belongs in the Mavericks thread or the iOS 7 thread...so i figured iCloud was right in between!
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    That right there is iCloud syncing.

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