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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iKennett, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Can we clear this up for the average user...

    I have a Apple ID which is XYZ@gmail.com and this is used for iTunes Store. This allowed me to sign up to iCloud in terms of backup and photo stream.

    I then turned on email to see what would happen... it allowed me to create a new @me.com address but stated 'this is will be your new apple id' which is odd!!

    Under the iCloud settings it still states xyz@gmail.com and my Apple ID but then states 'XYZ@me.com' in the advance tab for email.

    Can anyone confirm if this is correct:

    iTunes Account
    - Used for iCloud as the 'master account'

    - Used to personalise your Family device as sub accounts on the master account BUT only tried to create one @me.com email address so far - can you create more?
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    A lot of people are wondering that and I tend to agree. So many questions, so few answers regarding the 'master' apple id. FYI, it is also discussed here.
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    This should be the case exactly. Your main Apple ID account allows you to purchase content and share all that content across every device registered to that Apple ID. This is similar to Home Sharing except now, you can do it anywhere (not just you home WiFi network).

    The @me.com account is your personalized Apple ID so you can sync the devices you use. For instance, you and your wife have both an iPhone and an iPad. It wouldn't make much sense for your iPhone to update her iPad or vice versa. Therefore, the @me.com account tells the Cloud to only update those devices registered with that particular @me.com account.

    Again, all content purchased (Music, Apps, Books) will get pushed to all devices unless you restrict that access via Settings.

    Of course, we won't know for sure until iCloud goes live, but I'm 99% certain your correct.
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    Still trying to get my iPhone set up and iPad set up as two different @me.com address to confirm this.

    For interest... you can remove your iTunes email address from iMessage and FaceTime once you add a new email address so also would suggest the assumption is correct.
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    If you get anything that might confirm these suspicions please post here. I'm interested in what you discover.
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    Crap I hope that since I regged an @me.com account in the beta it doesn't stick with me LOL.
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    I'm interested in this too, please post your results. So far, it looks like your assumption is correct.
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    Ok so I found something!!

    On my iPhone I signed into iCloud with my iTunes Account email address and password. When I tuned on iCloud email (Find my iPhone & Photo Stream already on) It asked me to create an @me.com address which I did. Didn't ask for password but it seems it is the same as my Apple ID.. not that it told me.

    The OH and soon to be wife has her iPhone booked in to resolve the 'No Sim' issue on Friday so left that as is which left me with my iPad.

    Installed iOS5 on the iPad and singed in to iCloud with my iTunes Apple ID. When I go into the iCloud settings and turned on email it didn't come up with anything when sending email to the address etc but i think this was a bug.

    I then went to mail > add account and selected the iCloud option.

    The allowed me to either use my current email address or the @me.com which I did and signed up for a new account for the soon to me wife (using new name LOL) to test things.

    It added this account in to mail, contacts and calendars but under its settings states 'Secondary iCloud Account'. It does however still show my actual itunes iCloud account signed in.

    Under the 'Secondary iCloud Account' it states "only your main account can use Bookmarks, Photo Stream, Find My iPad, Storage and Backup. In facts it doesn't have any backup for photostream settings. I guess you have to sign in at the actual icloud setting panel for this.

    My assumption is:

    If you sign in to an iCloud via MAIN iCloud settings tab and sign in with your iTunes Account which give you back up, find iphone, photostream and storage. You can add a single @me.com email to this main account.

    If you sign in to your iCloud account via the adding a new mail account it is a secondary account for mail etc. and it seems you can have as many of these you want.

    My little moan...

    - Bookmarks are also personal. We both have a laptop and like to keep things as separate as possible. However this isn't clear becuase it simply states it will be snyced with the 'iCloud' (not the same name and either accounts are called) and not the same error message you get with 'Find My Iphone setting.
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    Jan 26, 2011
    I think it will be fine.
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    Can't send emails as @me on ios5

    My apple ID and Apple accounts have allways been the same.
    Since the @mac to @me transition I have always used @me, when I updated my iPhone and iPad to ios5 I setup my email with my @me account but the system changed to @mac and now all my emails are going out as @mac.
    Is there a way to add my main @me mail on my iOS devices? When sending an email from any of any of my aliases it let's me choose if I want to send them as @mac or as @me but not for my main email.
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