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Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by Matt T, Aug 16, 2016.

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    I have an iPad 4th gen running iOS 10 public beta 4. Several days ago I performed an erase and restore of my iPad, which of course involved signing into iCloud again, and everything seemed to go normally. I left it alone for a day or so to let my iCloud backup finish restoring (including my photos etc) and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

    Yesterday I tried to install beta 10 and im receiving the message "you can install this update when your iPad has finished restoring from the iCloud backup" - a short time later I received a notification that said something about approving my iCloud signin from another device to complete the signin on my iPad, but I accidentally closed the notification before I could finish reading the message properly. So as far as I can tell some part of my iCloud signin has not completed and I need to use one of my other devices to complete my two-step verification for my iCloud backup to finish restoring, but I have not received any verification codes on any of the other devices (other than the code I received when I signed into iCloud as part of the setup process after erasing my iPad).

    I can't sign out/in of iCloud again on my iPad because the sign out option in my settings is not present (presumably because the backup restore is still in progress). How can I can regenerate a two-step verification code to complete my signin? Or is there's another solution?
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    Has all the data restore to the device that you were trying to restore? If it has you can do a hard reset and it will reboot the iPad and the iCloud restore will be 'completed'.

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