iPhone X iCloud backup taking much longer time after updating to iOS 12


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Jun 30, 2012
iCloud backup on iOS 11 was pretty quick, it used to take a couple of minutes. Now since I updated my phone to iOS 12 back when it was released it takes much longer for iCloud backup to complete. My iPad doesn’t seem to be affected....it is quick like it was on iOS 11.

The slowest part on my phone is at the beginning right after starting the backup and it says “estimated time remaining”. On the iPad it gives me a time remaining within a minute but on my phone it takes upwards of 5-10 minutes of just hanging there waiting to give an estimated time remaining. When it does give a time remaining it usually states around 30 minutes or so, and after a minute or so it starts counting down rather quickly and finishes in another minute or so after that. So once it gives me a time remaining it’s not too bad, but just getting through that initial waiting period to get an estimated time remaining seems to be where the hang up is happening.

Anyone have any ideas of what’s causing this delay on just my phone?

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
If nothing has changed much since the last backup, the next backup is faster. If you've added a lot of stuff or used your device a lot since the last backup, there's more to backup and it takes longer. The beginning of the backup (from what I can guess) the device is indexing what's on the device compared to the last backup.

You can test this theory yourself. Backup to iCloud and time it. Then manually backup again right afterwards and time that. The second backup will be much faster.

If you go into storage/iCloud and delete your backup, then back up again... It'll take forever because everything has to get uploaded again.
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