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    Hi there -

    I was looking for some input on how others deal with the iCloud calendar when there is a mixture of iPhone and Android phones in the mix.

    We have 3 iPhones in house and 1 Android (mine). We thoroughly enjoy iPhones but I am the sole use of the Samsung Note 4 because it fits my needs better.

    At work, I will add an event to Outlook for things such as soccer practice, kids dentist, etc. What I typically do, is add my Gmail address as an invitee and the appointment shows up on my Note 4. In addition, if I need to update the event to a different time, place, etc., Gmail calendar handles it perfectly.

    The above works perfect for me. However, I would like to also add the same event to our iCloud shared KIDS calendar for my wife and kids. I can add one of there iCloud addresses to the invite, HOWEVER, the recipient has to go into the invite to finish the calendar setup. It comes across as an attachment. The main issue though is iCloud calendar does not handle subsequent updates to the same event. While updates are handled perfectly for Gmail, the iCloud calendar does not.

    So my question is, how do others handle a setup like this. I will say that ALL of use do have Gmail accounts, so perhaps managing a shared calendar in Gmail is a better setup.

    I'd be interested to hear your input.

  2. tdc02 macrumors newbie

    Dec 11, 2011
    I've the following setup for me and my family:

    My Note 4 have Sunrise Calendar (I have tags call Family and Wife) just if I want to add something for her only.

    My Macbook with Family Share setup and it work perfect with icloud for all of them and have the same tags.

    3 Iphone with family share setup and calendar name family just for them to see appointments or if they add appointment I get it on my note 4 with no problem.

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