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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by davep18, May 17, 2012.

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    Mar 14, 2011
    I did a few searches on here and the web and I think my answer is probably going to be "not possible" based on what i saw for contact sync's but I figure I'd ask anyway since I wasn't able to find my scenario when i looked.

    I have 3 email\calendar accounts set up on my iPhone (4S):

    Work (Exchange server)
    Gmail (setup as an exchange email)
    iCloud (my @me email)

    I never really played around with iCloud.com until today and I noticed that my calendar was empty there. The only calendar I put entries into is my work outlook\exchange one. The sync between my desktop outlook calendar and my iPhone works perfectly. I had always assumed that if I had an entry on my iPhone, regardless of how it got there, that it would be backed up onto iCloud. I guess it turns out that I'm pretty wrong about that.

    Anyway my issue is that I wanted to share my work calendar with my wife using icloud.com. But since the work exchange calendar doesn't seem to sync to icloud.com I guess this isn't possible? Or is there some kind of work around that I'm missing in my searching?

    Likely complicating things is that I can not install software onto my work laptop.

    *If it was possible to duplicate my entries into my @me calendar on my device, I could live with that. Basically, if there is no clean setting that I am missing, can I make duplicate entries between my work exchange email to my @me\iCloud email without having to re-type all of my appointments\meetings\etc?
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    Subscribe your calendar

    Do you have the ability to subscribe to your enhance calendars? If so you could set up a subscription of your exchange account using iCloud and that should sync all of your calendars using iCloud.

    I believe you should have the ability to do this.

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