iCloud Calendar Sync Issues

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  1. rudyrudell macrumors newbie

    Dec 18, 2011
    So I updated to Mavericks, and now I can't sync my calendars with the USB cable/wifi, has to be iCloud.

    Whenever I try to upload my iCal data to iCloud I get this error:

    The request for account “iCloud” failed.

    The server responded with
    to operation CalDAVMigrateToServerQueueableOperation.

    Any idea how to mitigate this, that does not involve deleting calendar data? All the sources I have seen tell me I need to delete my past events to get this to work, which is not going to be cool as I keep notes over all my clients needs in the notes section for past meetings.

    This is very important to me as I have well over 60 clients, each with there own deadlines, schedules, technical needs that I have organized over the past years via iCal, and have sync'd with my iPhone since the very first iPhone and have always relied on being able to access this information anywhere at anytime.
    The lack of this service is already costing me money. As I can not respond to my clients as quickly if I am available since now I need to get to my Mac before I can confirm my availability. During this time they can of course find someone else...
  2. EricaV macrumors regular


    Sep 20, 2008
    Maverick Forcing Users to Icloud which has serious synch problems

    I feel your pain and I'm in a similar world of hurt as I rely heavily on my calendar for my entire business and client needs - feeling a bit violent toward Apple. I still have apple care on my macbook pro and the "senior specialists" are telling me the engineers are trying to fix these errors. The truth is that they really don't have solutions right now and we are in limbo

    I do think it's a content/data issue and impacts users like us who use their calendars heavily and have many years of data. What I am going to try next is deleting about 5 years of data after archiving it (not sure if the OS even allows you do do this easily) and trying to re-upload everything to icloud. I'm concerned that even if this works the synch system will not have the same functionality or reliability as the itunes system which worked swimmingly for me for so long. Again- I'm pretty fed up with Apple.

    I'm a newbie with icloud because I've avoided it due to privacy concerns- so far, when I've used it I have had problems with it. I particularly resent being "forced onto it" in a sense. Changes made on icloud do not seem to synch with my contacts or notes on the mbp- it appears to be a one way synch. Since my phone is the most updated and complete calendar I have- I will not let it anywhere near this bloody cloud until it works. Currently my laptop calendar is locked up with moving my data to the cloud and periodically getting error 400 or 403. I may give up real soon and find another CalDAV system, but I trust google even less than apple.

    I can only suggest to others, backing everything on your calendar/s up with a vengeance before screwing with this new "system". I predict I will be taking my calendar to a new synch system.

    Sorry I can't be of more help but thought I would share the info. Anyone out there who has solutions of any kind I would be incredibly grateful. In their greed for control and revenue Apple has really forced loyal customers off a cliff on this one. In the meantime I'm losing precious time and business myself.

  3. EricaV macrumors regular


    Sep 20, 2008
    Found solution for bypassing Mavericks calendar bugs

    You may have needed to move on by now, but this is how I addressed this problem, as usual with no help from Apple.

    The errors for me were in trying to upload my calendars to the cloud. Although the error stated was a "permissions" issue. It seems more likely that if you have many years or lots of varied appts on your calendars it will see some appts. as "corrupted" and shut down the process- or send you in the never ending "try again" loop. This was freezing up my calendars making them totally non functional.

    I'll spare you most of the painful week I spent looking for a fix but I was able to downsize my calendars and eliminate several years worth using "Busycal" (Apple has removed the obvious way to do this in their so called "upgrades") The program then allowed me to bypass the bloody new Mavericks OS by uploading my active calendars directly to the cloud. "Busycal" is the program that literally saved my sanity and my business:


    You can do all this with a free trial, but if they offer a full CalDav service I will purchase this program in a heartbeat. I resented being forced onto icloud in the first place. Now that I have everything on icloud (grrrrr) all the calendar synch functions on phone/laptop/cloud seem to working well.


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