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  1. bd525 macrumors newbie

    Sep 14, 2011
    iCloud has been very frustrating so far. On my home Mac I ended up with two accounts: the primary account linked to my longstanding iTunes ID included all elements except iCal, which was in a secondary iCloud account linked to my me.com ID. On my office Mac, just by following instructions (I thought) the situation is reversed: the me.com ID--with iCal--is primary, and the iTunes account--with Contacts--is secondary.

    I assume that things will be further screwed up when when my iPhone 4s comes tomorrow and I throw that into the mix. Question: Would I be safe to delete both iCloud accounts on my office Mac, then re-add them, starting with the iTunes account, under the assumption that account would become primary by default? Or is that just likely to make things worse?

    Did this really need to be so complicated, Apple? Help!



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