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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by coldwaves, Jul 16, 2019.

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    I am thinking to switch from T-mobile prepaid to Verizon prepaid for better coverage. Does Verizon prepaid support Wi-Fi calling and Wi-Fi calling on iCloud-connected devices? Any experience would be appreciated. The ability to make and receive calls and text on the Mac is pretty useful for me.

    Currently, I'm on the $30 T-mobile Walmart prepaid plan that has 5GB data, 100 minutes talk, and unlimited text message. Verizon prepaid has a promotion that can give 6GB data, unlimited talk and text for 35$/month. Plus, Verizon refills appears to be much cheaper than T-mobile if I buy from eBay. So from a price perspective, the switch appears to make sense too. But just want to make sure I still have the full features of Wi-Fi calling before I make the decision to switch.
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    Does this answer your question?
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    Yes. I have Verizon prepaid and WiFi calling is enabled.
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    May 30, 2011
    Thank you! That answers my question to a large degree. It appears that Wi-Fi calling on iCloud connected device is supported on Verizon, at least for certain type of plan. But I don't know for sure whether it is supported in Verizon prepaid specifically.
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    Thank you! This is great to know. More specifically, if you have a Mac or iPad that is signed in with the same Apple ID as your phone, is Wi-Fi calling also available on the Mac or iPad?
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    May 30, 2011
    I have been searching more about this topic since posting and did not find definitive answers. Yes, Wi-Fi calling is available in both Verizon prepaid or postpaid. The question is whether Wi-Fi calling on iCloud-connected device is supported on prepaid.

    I saw this fairly recent reddit post that seems to indicate that this feature is supported on postpaid account but not yet available on prepaid. But I cannot find any words directly from Verizon or Apple website. Does anyone have direct experience with this feature on Verizon prepaid?
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    Why not contact Verizon directly via Twitter and get confirmation?
  7. coldwaves, Jul 21, 2019
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    May 30, 2011
    I just contacted Verizon customer service on Twitter and they say

    "This is an Apple feature, due to Apple being an internet based manufacturer. All Apple devices can share numbers, if signed in to the same Apple iCloud information. The devices, can then use this ability to text and call using this information. This is not based on your carrier or service provided. You are able to preform this function using Wi-Fi on these devices."

    Then I chatted with Verizon customer service again on their website and asked if I could be transferred to someone more familiar with prepaid service. The representative first thought I was asking about Wi-Fi calling and says it is available on prepaid. After I explained specifically what I mean by "iCloud connected device", he informed me that:

    "I was able to research this on our end. Currently, making Wi-Fi calls on the Mac would not be possible, the feature would only work for the phone itself"


    "I can confirm that it currently doesn't work on Prepaid, however, to get more accurate information about the feature in Postpaid, I would advise to contact our direct Postpaid number 855-795-5093."

    So my conclusion: Verizon customer service is not super familiar with Wi-Fi calling on iCloud-connected device. I have no idea if it works or not on Verizon prepaid. Therefore, any real world experience showing this works or not on Verizon prepaid would be very helpful.
  8. coldwaves thread starter macrumors regular

    May 30, 2011
    I want to post an update. I signed up for a Verizon Prepaid 3GB monthly plan. Regarding Wi-Fi calling, here is what I find:

    1. Wi-Fi calling works on prepaid plan. Just toggle the Wi-Fi calling switch, update e911 address, and it should work. See the first screenshot where Wi-Fi calling is enabled.

    2. Wi-Fi calling on iCloud-connected device does not work. If you toggle the switch to "Allow Wi-Fi Calling for other devices", the integrated calling sign up page will show up and then an error message will pop up. See the second screenshot.

    I can enable Wi-Fi calling on other devices when I put in a Tmobile SIM. The Verizon store staff who has postpaid account can also enable this feature on this phone. So all these suggest that Verizon Prepaid does not support this feature yet.

    fullsizeoutput_5e.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5f.jpeg

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