iCloud Contacts/Address Book with 10.6

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    Oct 13, 2011
    Has anybody yet found a method/solution for syncing an iCloud account's Contacts on a non 10.7 Mac..??

    I'm trying to set up main iCloud functions (Mail, Calendar & Contacts) for family members who have iOS 5 devices and now iCloud accounts, but are running older Macs using 10.5 or 10.6....

    Mail - Have this all working, no problems.

    iCal - Working, sans pushing to the Mac (although it pushes the opposite way) so I've advised setting the Mac to refresh the calendar every minute instead.

    Address Book is the only application I can't seem to find any reported solutions or workarounds for out there....I've read a few reports of people taking a stab at various carddav address, but nothing seems to be working so far.....

    Any ideas or experiences ??

    Thanks, Steve
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    Calendar and Mail Sync for those with 10.6

    you can use the following settings in iCal to sync your calendars in the attached pic.


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