ICloud corruption?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by macfly4, Sep 30, 2015.

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    hey all,
    Hoping someone can sh d some light....
    Been on the phone with apple for about 2-3 hours trying to figure this one out and no one has any idea. They are getting the engineers to look into it.
    Basics are i had an iphone 6 everything wa working perfectly on until about two weeks ago. i started noticing that i was no longer getting push email on my .mac icloud account. i had two accounts in my mail setting, my main icloud account and another email address that was an old alias back from the .mac account days when you could set up aliases.
    i started having to actually open the mail account before it would check for mail. i had not changed any of the mail push/fetch settings.
    with apple i have signed outof icloud, set up as a new phone and added that icloud account back , gotten rid of the second account. turned push /fetch on off a hundred times and turned the phone off/on again.
    we have been through everything. when apple tries to send me an email it will not push to that main icloud acount but it WILL push to the secondary alias icloud account! also weird is that if i send myself an email from my phone and quickly exit the ap it WILL push to my account. Push also works to my imac and macbook. just not to i devices....
    is there a way my icloud account could some how be corrupted to cause this? the only thing i can think of that happened around that time might have been updating my imac to the latest OSX.....
    i just want my push email back! getting really annoying having to open the ap and then get 20 emails that should have been pushed.
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    Apr 15, 2011
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    This is a weird one! No wonder Apple is setting this up to upper levels!

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