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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tigress666, May 2, 2012.

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    So I realize icloud is not that secure at all.. My question is is that I use ewallet that encrypts my data. They recently added icloud support. I'd hope they figured out to keep my data encrypted on icloud but I don't even know if that is possible with how icloud works (I don't know if it lets the program just store a packet of data on there or if it has to make it some how compatible with icloud). Would they be able to make sure the data on icloud is encrypted as well?

    (if not that is a severe oversight on their part when what they are selling is a secure way to keep your data).
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    It's no more or less secure than any other modern cloud service. This article outlines the security features of iCloud data:


    If you are truly worried about your eWallet information being secure, you should not put it on iCloud or any other internet storage service.
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    I thought eWallet already ran the data through a 256-bit encryption before uploading to iCloud/DropBox/Google Docs. I agree that if your concerns are that much that the file and the storage service need encryption then you shouldn't use the unencrypted storage system.

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