Resolved iCloud deleted all of my emails. Solution!

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    May 20, 2010
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    I upgraded my MobileMe (was originally a .Mac account) to iCloud. I had to delete my MobileMe account from my computer (10.7.2) and re-set it up as an iCloud account. It only downloaded my emails from October 5th and later. I wanted all of my emails, from 2008-onward. I called AppleCare, and only after being transferred between about 5 advisors, I got transferred to a senior advisor who got me on my way to restore all of my emails from my Time Machine backup (backed up on October 8th). I then noticed that my Mail app and only had one emailed stored (from the same time that I started to restore emails from my backup). I panicked. The guy whom I spoke with told me that it will be alright and my emails are on my backup. I started to restore the emails. It worked just fine. My iCloud account is still restoring emails, and is on January 2010 right now. I ended up having 11,775 emails on my Time Machine backup. Thank god for Time Machine! I have never had to use it, but now that I have to, I see its value.

    So if you are having the same issues that I am having, just restore your emails from your Time Machine backup.

    Time Machine user for life,

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