iCloud document storage container sharing?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm an IOS developer, but I haven't looked much in to iCloud yet (I'm currently up to my head about to launch an Android app as well). But my question is more of a user feature, that is: will iCloud document storage let applications finally share documents that they create?

    My question comes because I have found some documentation from Apple (luckily, not under NDA so I can post about it here) which suggests that iCloud document storage requires you to embed specific "container" IDs in to your application, and that this is used to separate data between applications.

    Now, this is good for things like security (rogue apps can't read non-encrypted personal files), but bad for usability IMO. As an iPad owner, the thing that frustrates me most of all about iOS is that it has no concept of a workflow for getting things done. If I take some data, and want to process that data through multiple applications, there's just no way to do that. If I have imported or captured data in to an app, it can't expose that to other apps for processing. Even in the limited cases where you can find workarounds via the camera roll, it's a more painful procedure than on any other machine.

    iCloud doesn't seem to be addressing this. If I import data in to an app, and it syncs with iCloud, it's still locked to that one app via its container. If I don't have the mirror app on my Mac, I won't be able to easily add a document of file to my iPad. App data is not all data; user data that is not associated to one particular app seems to have been abolished with iCloud.

    Please tell me I'm overreacting. Do you think Apple will allow developers to share an iCloud container? Perhaps developers will standardise on a container name to read user data from and allow exporting to this folder?
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    Aug 26, 2011
    Looking at What's New in iOS:

    We see the following statement under Requesting Entitlements for iCloud Storage

    To protect the data each application creates, applications must configure specific entitlements at build time in order to use iCloud storage. These entitlements are tied to the application’s provisioning profile and are used to differentiate your application’s documents and data from that of other applications.


    When you enable entitlements for your application target, Xcode automatically configures both iCloud entitlements for you, but you can change the configuration of the entitlements as needed. In Xcode, you configure both entitlements from the Summary tab of your application target.

    For each entitlement, Xcode automatically enters a default container identifier string based on the bundle identifier of your application. In practice, the string can be anything that makes sense to your development team and need not be the same as your application’s bundle identifier. Thus, you can change this string to specify a different primary container directory for your application if you want. You can even use the same container identifier string for multiple applications if you want them to share the same container directory in the user’s iCloud account.

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