iCloud Drive; now a storage server?

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by Trhodezy, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    Just a quick question and some background behind said questions:

    So I moved all my media, documents and software over to the cloud a few years back (Bitcasa; nasty ending right there...) and loved it. I then had to transfer it over to OneDrive, about two weeks into my transferring OneDrive discontinued the unlimited storage, so I took it all off and put it onto hard drives.

    Now I've bought a WD NAS (4TB) and put all my key stuff on it, and I love accessing it from wherever I am however I don't want to keep buying more and more hard drives or NAS' as they take up more space.. So I'm looking for a new storage/streaming provider...

    So now I'm looking into Dropbox and iCloud Drive. I remember reading that Dropbox now does offline storage and that its not just a syncing service, is this correct? A friend of mine watched WWDC and told me that iCloud Drive will be the same now too, is this correct?

    I can't actually find any definitive answer on their sites... can anyone help?

    Anyway, thanks in advance,

    Thom! :)
  2. mrapplegate, Jun 16, 2016
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    Dropbox has not released their "Project Infinite" yet. Apple will only store your Desktop and Documents if you choose that option, on the MacOS side of course.
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    I haven't watched the WWDC presentation yet but can't see how Apple's going to drop their storage prices too much just yet. As to Dropbox, it's a great service but their storage plans go from "reasonable" to "er, what, how much?" in nothing flat - $120 per year for their Pro Individual to $900 per year ($15X5 usersX12months) for Business Teams for UL data with nothing apparent in between left me scratching my head...

    What I'm using for my personal use is partly a bonus and a bit of synching. With my Amazon Prime account I bought AC last year for a Mini Server and they "gave" me a free year of their UL file storage (not the Photo Storage), and around New Years I saw their $5 promo for 1 year (stackable) for the same UL file storage. I use oDrive to move my files off of my Macs to my cloud spaces - Amazon File Storage, Dropbox, and my OneDrive accounts - and then access my files via native iOS apps. It works for me...

    At Dropbox's prices, I bought a Samsung T3 SSD and carry it with me to augment the native iOS apps. But, that's just me...
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    May 16, 2015
    OneDrive for customer already achieves one feature called "fetch my files on PC" with OneDrive client installed.
    I used that feature early enough when OneDrive still provided 25GB free. Then, OneDrive web portal was blocked by government.
    From there, I rarely use that feature now. iOS client does not support this feature as well.
    I am sure I am an old OneDrive user, haha. ;)

    Apple's move is just a miniature form of this OneDrive feature.

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