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Jun 10, 2007
Cary, NC
This isn't new news, but I just got to looking at the iCloud Drive preferences and there is no selective sync capability like there is in DropBox. I was looking into this because I am planning on getting a MBA (well actually waiting for the rumored 12" MBA) and considering the space that comes on it. I am already using over 40GB of iCloud Drive space. A good bit of this though is backup copies of every picture I've ever taken. I really don't need or want them downloaded to the MBA when I get it. I already have a local copy on my Mac mini. Do you think that at some point in the future Apple might supply some type of selective sync for iCloud Drive?


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Mar 28, 2010
I highly doubt Apple would this; the functionality would also need to be incorporated into iOS. Your best bet is to use an external drive.


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May 31, 2014
On OS X the content has to be downloaded locally.
On iOS you have to access your files online.

So iCloud won't fill your iPhone.

Hope they fix this ASAP. hate to download and upload stuff on the road again and again where i have low signal.

On the other hand it will take a lot of space on a macboook Air when you store a lot of documents in the Cloud
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