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    Jan 27, 2014

    Anyone that has the betas running could you please confirm this. In finder I have my icloud drive where I can put any documents, PDFs etc just like dropbox. Furthermore it shows you folders of all my pages, numbers etc documents that I could previously only see straight from the app.
    My question is does this also apply to the new icloud photo library and will I see a folder that contains all my pictures. The photos app does export all your photos to icloud if you turn on icloud photo library on your ios device.
    I wonder if you have to manage them only through the photo app (on osx not till 2015) or do you get a folder called for example "photo library" (like it does with pages etc) where I can manually manage them.
    Thanks for any replies
  2. TheColtr macrumors 6502

    Feb 1, 2014
    It seems to me that you'll be able to access your photos through the new photos app coming to OS X. I doubt it will work with iPhoto, they seem to be trying to kill it off with not allowing it to work on iOS 8.
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    Jan 27, 2014
    I know about the photo app, it's cool we get one for osx. What I mean tho is will you be able to access the photo library from your icloud drive in finder so I could drag and drop.
    They do it for iWork now so instead of having to open the app I can go to finder and icloud drive and have folder there with my pages, numbers etc documents (shown In the keynote).
    I wonder if the do that for photos too. There should be a way to physically access the jpg files on the mac hence they should be in the icloud drive in finder. So far tho I don't think that's the case.
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    Feb 1, 2014
    I get what you're saying saying, no I doubt you'll be able to have that kind of access.
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    I'm thinking it won't be in the Finder. Apple used two different terms in its a Keynote: iCloud Photo Library & iCloud Drive.

    I think both will go towards your 5GBs but I think the iCloud Photo library will only be accessible from your photo apps (iOS & Mac OSX).

    This is just my personal guess. If it's accessible in Finder, then you could break the link that keeps everything in sync. Of course the same could be said for iWork as well.
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    The problem with this though is how do you initially get photos into iCloud Photo Library? They have said Photos for OS X will be not be ready until next year. Surely they won't introduce iCloud Photo Library and Photos for IOS with no way to load photos from your Mac. Personally I think it will be a folder in iCloud Drive. Right now I'm not sure I will be using this feature at all though. I have all my photos stored in Dropbox and view them with Carousel on my iPhone and Dropbox app on my iPad. All new photos are automatically uploaded to Dropbox and then synched to my Mac. Works pretty seamless. The only thing that would cause me to switch to iCloud Photo Library though is the new low cost.
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    That's exactly what I hope they do. But the keynote, as another user said, did indeed give of the impression that it was only through the photo app. Also aren't the photos in your iphone (synced from mac) not full size. It would seem very strange to not give mac users, where I'm sure the majority of people have their photos, an option to upload until the photo app comes out. Also having it in finder would just make it so easy to drag and drop jpgs in and out of your icloud photo library. In the keynote they did put pictures into the icloud drive (they said any files) so these pictures I assume will show up in the photo app. I wonder how they handle this, e.g. Say you put a pages document into your icloud drive, but not into the actual pages folder with your current icloud documents, will you still see them once you open pages or would you have to open the icloud drive on ios (however they handle it).


    It will def count towards the 5gb but not having it in finder like they do for iWork and other icloud apps would be stupid. Not sure about breaking a link or syncing like you said, but just having the folder like they do for iWork allows for drag and drop (at the moment I would have to open the iWork apps). As long as the folder for each iWork apps are not deleted (I'm sure they won't allow it) it should be no problem, hopefully. ��

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