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    Oct 13, 2011
    Hi all,

    Just a quick thread about my findings with iCXloud email.

    My situation...

    Pre-iOS 5 myself and my partner both shared the same Apple ID for purchases etc.... lets call it user@hotmail.co.uk

    Then iOS 5 got released with the free me.com email address, so I set up my device, and logged into iCloud using the Apple ID and password I have always used. This in turn allowed me to create a free @me.com email address, lets call that user1@me.com.

    Then I realised that obviously me and my partner would like all our iCloud stuff seperate (eg. Mail, Calendars, Contacts etc...) so for my partner I went into the create free apple ID via the iCloud settings on the iDevice, this created a seprate iCloud account BUT also a seperate Apple ID, as this was a brand new account it also gave my partner the option of using the free @me.com email address as the default email address for the apple ID, so lets calls this user2@me.com

    So now what we have got is:

    Firstly, user@hotmail.co.uk which is tied to user1@me.com (both the same account using the same log in credentials etc) this is also the account myself and partner will use for purchases going forward.

    Secondly, user2@me.com which is a completely seperate iCloud account which can also be set-up as an iTunes account via iTunes on the PC (which wont be happening as we like to share our purchases and stick to one account for purchases between us).

    Now the problem obviously lies were the user@hotmail.co.uk is still present thus stopping us completely moving away from a seperate email provider.

    This is really annoying me as I dont ant to keep my hotmail.co.uk email address just for iTunes receipts but I have to due to apple's poor implementation of iCloud.

    I have messaged iTunes support on numerous occasions getting a load of tat about mobileme (which I have never used).

    However last night/today I had the following email conversation with one of the support staff:


    Dear Sir/Madam

    On my account I have two email addresses listed my primary email address and my alternative email address:

    My primary email address is listed as USER@HOTMAIL.CO.UK

    and my alternative email address is listed as USER1@ME.COM

    Now, my primary email address that is listed is soon not going to be used and deleted, as I am now using the alternative email address listed for all correspondants.

    Now as a few of your staff have said I cannot make my alternative email address my primary email address as it is a @me.com email address (and this is also an Apple ID).

    Now this is very confusing for a number of reasons:

    1. I have tried searching for my alternative email address via the MY APPLE ID website and it says it is not registered as an apple ID.

    2. I have tried registering a new iTunes account with that email address but it says it is already and Apple ID (which it isnt).

    3. I have tried logging in using the USER1@ME.COM email address in iTunes but it just logs me into my USER@HOTMAIL.CO.UK iTunes account.

    4. I have tried changing my USER@HOTMAIL.CO.UK email address on my iTunes account to my USER1@ME.COM email address but it keeps saying the email address is already and Apple ID.

    The problem is both USER@HOTMAIL.CO.UK and USER1@ME.COM are both one and the same apple ID (as they both log into the same iTunes account and have the same password, purchase history etc....) however, for some reason I cannot make my USER1@ME.COM my primary email address were iTunes receipts etc get sent to.

    So why is this? I do not understand why Apple are making it so hard to use an Apple email address as an Apple ID.

    I have never been a user of mobile me, so I dont understand why your support staff keep replying with info about mobileme all the time.....




    Dear James,

    Thank you for contacting iTunes Store Customer Support. My name is Sheng and I am glad to assist you today. I'm sorry for the confusion regarding on your account as I've checked the email addresses you provided it appears that "USER@HOTMAIL.CO.UK" is associated to "USER1@ME.COM".

    In order for you to use the email address "USER1@MECOM" it will need to be disassociated from "USER@HOTMAIL.CO.UK". You can do that here:

    My Apple ID

    If your preferred language is not displayed on the My Apple ID page, please select Change Country at the top right of the page. Type your country name in the provided field and choose Save.

    You can remove your email address from the Apple ID by selecting Manage your account and then following these steps:

    1) Sign in with your account name (Apple ID) and password.

    2) Choose Name, ID, and Email Address from the left side of the page.

    3) Next to Alternate Email Address, select Delete or Cancel so that the email address associated with this Apple ID will be freed up.

    4) Once you've made the desired change, select Save Changes.

    5) Choose Sign Out from the top right of the page.

    After that, you may change your primary email address from "USER@HOTMAIL.CO.UK" to "USER1@ME.COM" by following the same step but follow this as your number 3 step:

    3) Next to Primary Email Address, select Edit so that you can change the email address associated with this Apple ID.

    For more information and answers to frequently asked questions about Apple IDs, please see:

    Apple ID Support

    Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or need any additional assistance with this matter.


    iTunes Store Customer Support


    Dear Sheng,

    After trying all of the steps you told me to, I keep getting the following error message:

    'You cannot create an Apple ID using a MobileMe account. If this is your email address, it is also your Apple ID.'

    Any help on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated as I dont want to have to have my hotmail email address at all, but until Apple can allow my me.com address as my primary I need to keep it going in order to receive iTunes purchase receipts etc...




    Dear James,

    Thank you for responding back and for trying the suggestion I provided. I'm sorry I have overlooked that @me.com domain has an own distinct Apple ID it is recognized by the system as an Apple ID the reason why you can't change your primary email address to @me.com domain.

    I can only suggest now is to change the primary email address to a new one and that has not been used on iTunes Store also not an @me.com domain. For more information about Apple IDs, please read this article:

    Frequently asked questions about Apple ID

    Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or need any additional assistance with this matter.




    I understand that but isn't this still defeating the object of my @me.com email address being my one and only email address? Why do I have to have two email addresses? iTunes users are basically being forced into having two email addresses in this instance.

    Also I don't understand why the system is seeing my me.com email address as being an apple ID when a search for it says that it is not registered as an apple ID, so therefore there must be a bug in the system which needs ironing out somewhere.




    Dear James,

    Thank you for responding back and trying the suggestion I provided. I'm sorry I overlooked the email address @me.com domain for this is a distinct Apple ID, the system recognize this domains as an Apple ID.

    I can only suggest that you need to change your primary email address with a new one that has not been used on iTunes Store and also not an @me.com domain.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or need any additional assistance with this matter.




    It seems to me that the iTunes support staff dont really have any solutions to this problem, and are as in the dark as us. Is there anyway to contact the CEO direct about this as this issue needs to be sorted as it is a hinderance to iOS users.

  2. Menel macrumors 603


    Aug 4, 2011
    You could contact tcook@... but don't hold your breath.

    He's already responded that they are aware and working on it, since october, around the release of iOS5. Maybe even before.

    iCloud: user1@me.com
    Store (settings->store): user@hotmail

    iCloud: user2@me.com
    Store (settings->store): user@hotmail (or user2@me.com) your choice

    Does this not solve it? If you use the same store account, you won't have to purchase apps twice.

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