iCloud/iMovie persistent folder creating

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    I've just upgraded to Windows 8.1, installed iCloud (mainly for Chrome bookmark syncing), hidden the iCloud folder that gets created in my documents folder, and now I have a problem that I didn't have on Windows 7...

    The iCloud folder keeps becoming unhidden every time the PC gets rebooted. This sets my OCD off as I like my PC neat and tidy and I don't want to see that ****.

    The only thing inside this folder is an iMovie folder, which is itself empty.

    Is there a way to keep this iCloud folder hidden? I assume iMovie is the culprit here, recreating/refreshing itself and making itself unhidden.

    To quote Bad Boys 2:

    "This is a stupid ****ing problem to have, BUT, it is a problem nonetheless"

    Thanks in advance!
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    I think it might be that it gets remounted at every startup (Apple's implementation, I guess) so it unhides since Windows sees it as a new drive.

    Try this:

    - Right-Click on Computer
    - Click Manage
    - Click on Disk Management (should be located in the bottom left section)
    - Right-click on the iCloud Drive and select "Change Drive Letters and Path"
    - Click on "Remove" and click "Yes"

    Don't remember if this trick would work with it but try.

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