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iCloud Keychain gone after new receiving new Mac


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Apr 13, 2009
This week I had to send in my 2018 MBP in for service due to failing RAM. When I got back my system, Apple replaced the logic board, top case, and Touch ID bar; so pretty much the whole thing. The system had Catalina and my latest Time Machine backup had Big Sur, so I set up the system like new and started to update to Big Sur. Mean while, I noticed all of my iCloud Keychain logins and password all disappeared off my iPhone and iPad. After a 2 day long Time Machine restore, I went to Keychain on the Mac and saw all my saved passwords were gone as well from Keychain Access. So for some reason, all my saved passwords are gone on every device. I googled everything I could and called Apple for an hour and they couldn't get anywhere and concluded everything is wiped....

I have no clue why my passwords are all gone if they are saved in iCloud... I did open up the bundle file of the Time Machine backup and went to the Keychains folder and do see a system.keychains files from 12/20, but Keychain Access doesn't do anything if I try to import or drag and drop it in.

Does any one have any suggestions on where to look, what may have happened, or any suggestions to hopefully get my old iCloud passwords back?
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