Icloud ~ like it or hate it

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    Well, after playing around with Icloud today, here are my thoughts. I used gmail and google calendar for my events and email over the past few years, and just used the web browser on my phone to access them. Now Icloud comes around, but doesn't play nice with google.

    1. Can't keep google contacts and icloud contacts updated at the same same time

    2. Have to make a new email adress to use the email syncing feature. Either have to move or froward email to address. Email app on icloud site seems a little bare bones.

    3. Google calendar will sync to ical app on my imac, but won't post the google calendar events to the cloud.

    4. Service itself seems a little unstable at the time being (can't really judge this yet since its day 1)

    So far, it seems like you either have to do everything with the apple apps to get the full advantage. But that takes a lot of effort to move over. So I wasn't to impressed, maybe just because I am used to the google sync.

    However, if the issues above are resloved in the future, I could see Icloud becoming very useful.

    So what are your thoughts? Did you move from your old email account to your new icloud one? Or where you already in the apple ecosystem? What your frist impressions with Icloud?

    However, I must say the music syncing, photo stream, and find my mac are pretty cool features.

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