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    Nov 5, 2007
    I upgraded to Lion and made the transition from MobileMe to iCloud a few days ago.

    Today I realised that there seems to be a problem with searches on Mail.

    I was looking for a password which I know is the body of an old email. I never had a problem finding this email with mobile me - I would type the username (also contained in the email body) in the search box and up would come the email containing the password in the results.

    Today I tried that and I got no result. At first I thought that some of my emails had been lost in the transition but further tests would suggest not - they are there but they are not being found.

    I tried searching for another string which I know is contained in an email "ftp.example.com" - I got no result...but I know who that email was from and by going through the emails from them sure enough I find the email that contains "ftp.example.com" - so the emails are there, they are just not being found in the search.

    These emails are in my inbox. I have inbox highlighted for the search. When the drop down box appears in the search I select "message contains" ftp.example.com" (also tried not selecting anything in the drop down and letting it search everything) - still no luck...

    Has anyone else experienced this? can anyone recommend a solution? Is it some kind of indexing problem?


    Edit: I got the client to send me the ftp details again. Now when I search for that username, the clients new email is found in the results, but the old one is still not....

    In other words, I am definitely searching correctly but the search isn't working on older emails.
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    Nov 5, 2007
    Never mind....

    Fixed it by getting spotlight to reindex the mail folder.

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