iCloud Mail undeliverable??

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    Sep 11, 2012
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    Hey guys, odd question here. Long story short, I was expecting an email last Friday from an academic advisor that I never received. After speaking with the advisor today, she confirmed she sent it and to my address. Also, upon logging into my bank accounts at Chase and Discover, both of them advised me to update my email as they received "3 not deliverable notices from your email" and they couldn't contact me. I'm kinda worried as I've used iCloud mail for a couple of years and like it but I can't have email not being delivered haha.
    So far I've sent an email to myself from every account I own and I've had no issues, was it possible there was an iCloud mail issue or something? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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    May 13, 2015

    I understand your concern as I have been in same situation with iCloud mail. Sad but cannot be relied upon. Email is extremely important to me and most others as well. What I did about 2 1/2 years ago is purchase my own domain and now have a personal, paid professional email that is reliable and works fantastic across all of my apple devices. I have used both Office 365 and Google Apps for work with my personal domain and both work excellent. Both are priced similar approximately $5/month and provide instant push to my devices. If email is important to you I would suggest this route. You can have an email like first name@last name.com.

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