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    I use gmail for my personal email. I have my Mac/iPod mail/address/cal all sync/ing with gmail fine. No problems.

    When I go to my System Preferences I notice that I get prompted to create a iCloud email address (.me) when I go through the selections. I would like to create a email address to reserve it, but I don't want to change anything to that address for now. If I turn on email in iCloud and create the address, will it get added to my Mail app on my Mac? Do I have to add it manually? Will it turn off my gmail and force me to re-add that account?
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    It will add the iCloud account to the Mail app in addition to the GMail without affecting the GMail account at all.

    You can go to either Mail app prefs or the iCloud pref. pane and disable the account if you want to.

    You might find it useful to turn on some of the iCloud features like Find my Mac and Bookmark sync even though you use Google for calendar and address sync. Make sure you don't turn on address and calendar sync in iCloud at the same time you are syncing those items to Google.



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