iCloud messing up contacts more and more

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    I have a huge problem with contacts syncing on a friends Mac (OS X 10.9.2), iPhone (iOS 7.1), and iPad (iOS 7.1). All three devices are on the same iCloud account. Up to recently she did not use iCloud, after starting it her contacts have become an incredible mess.

    When I started iCloud contact syncing for me and others before I also had at first some kind of mess in Contacts but it was always pretty easy and straight forward to clean the contacts up in Contacts on the Mac, and from then on everything worked perfectly fine.

    Here it is different. When I i. e. change a telephone number in Contacts on the Mac the change is not synced to the iOS devices. On the contrary, three minutes later the card in Contacts on the Mac shows again the old telephone number.

    Contacts on the Mac shows in the "All iCloud" section (there is no "On My Mac" section) hundreds of identical contacts, and "Looking for Duplicates" sometimes finds duplicates and lets me merge them and sometimes not. The total number of contacts does not go down after merging.

    For one contact in Contacts on the Mac it shows a telephone number and two email addresses, while the same contact in Contacts on iCloud.com shows only the telephone number.

    Some contacts are different on the Mac than on iCloud.com than on the iPhone - which means there seems to be no place (on Mac, or iCloud, or iPhone, or iPad) that has all the information.

    I am kind of at the end of my knowledge here. Is there any way to get this sorted out?

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