iCloud & MobileMe are creating duplicate items in my 'To Do'.. How to kill MobileMe?

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    Hey, I had MobileMe before I upgraded to iCloud.

    I notice that within, for example, my Outlook computer at work there is still separate reference to my MobileMe and iCloud accounts.. But it seems harmless.

    Now I've just started using the iOS 'Reminders' app to sync with my OSC calendar and I've noticed every item I type in on my iPhone turns into two on my OSC calendar app.

    One is for iCloud and one is for MobileMe.

    How do I kill MobileMe (bearing in mind it's still xxxx@me.com that I use to log into iCloud)?


    Ok, just went into iCal-Preferences-Accounts and killed the account called 'xxxx@me.com', leaving behind 'iCloud'

    Job done, it appears!
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