iCloud Music Library: 99% of Songs Marked "Removed"

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  1. etm0001, Jul 1, 2015
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    etm0001 macrumors member

    Apr 4, 2015

    I enabled iCloud Music library in iTunes. The match process started and eventually marked 99% of my local songs as "removed" from iCloud. I have no idea why. It appears that the only songs that were successfully matched were those previously purchased from iTunes.

    As a test I selected a song and chose "Add to iCloud Music Library". This appeared to upload the song to iCloud (i.e, the physical file), and it successfully appeared on my iOS device. This however is not a solution.

    I've disabled/re-enabled iCloud Music Library, with no change in results. For what it's worth, 98% of my local library is definitely available in Apple Music.

    Any thoughts?

    P.S. If it matters, I did pay for iTunes Match for a year, but that was a long time ago, and I haven't used it since.

    Update: I noticed - by chance - an album missing from my local library. I checked Time Machine and confirmed that the album was there before I enabled iCloud Music Library. To be safe I'm restoring my entire library (I have no idea what other albums could have been deleted). For now, I am keeping iCloud Music Library disabled.
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    I have the same issue too! All my library is showing up as "Removed" in the iCloud status. The only option I found so far was to re-upload them one by one... I can't figure out a way to do it all in one step

    I too had a subscription of iTunes Match which I cancelled a long time ago because I started using Spotify
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    Apr 4, 2015
    Double and triple check that no albums/songs were deleted from your local library. I noticed a missing album purely by chance. If you have Time Machine or other backups, it's worth checking file counts, etc. to confirm nothing is missing.
  4. etm0001, Jul 13, 2015
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    Apr 4, 2015
    FYI, Apple released iTunes 12.2.1 today. I enabled iCloud Music Library again, but this issue was not resolved. On a positive note, iTunes/Apple Music/iCloud didn't start randomly deleting my music files.
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    Nov 12, 2012
    THIS. I had stuff removed also.
  6. etm0001 thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 4, 2015
    Update: I followed the instructions in Apple KB article 204964, which walks you through the process of a) turning off iCloud Music Library on all devices, b) resetting iCloud Music Library, and c) restoring the local iTunes library. After restarting iTunes and re-enabling iCloud Music, iTunes/iCloud immediately scanned my library and matched the majority of my songs, although for whatever a fair number of songs that are definitely in the Apple Music catalog were not matched. These songs were uploaded to iCloud Music Library (the process is still running, actually).

    The downside to this "reset" process:
    1. All Apple Music playlists and music are erased (you are warned about this multiple times).
    2. Metadata changes that I had made to local music files were lost after restoring my iTunes music library.
    At this point, at least for me, I'm cautiously optimistic that this solution will fix the problems I experienced. I will need to re-add my music and playlists in Apple Music, but thankfully I didn't have much to begin with.

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