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    Oct 4, 2006
    Hey everyone,

    I opened my iPhone and noticed that an album had 2 of each song - some had a cloud with a / through it, some had the cloud symbol. Anywho, I deleted all the duplicates and yet there are still songs with the icon next to it.

    I use Apple music as well but is there a way to just have Apple Music for songs you want to download - and for iCloud music library not to even TOUCH your own music library? I don't want to upload my songs to the cloud - I don't want stupid icons beside them. I just want MY OWN music , plus songs I download from Apple Music. Why is Apple and the iCloud service messing with my own songs?

    On top of that I have a Beatles Album 'Help!' in my library and even though all the MetaData is correct, track 1 comes in at a random place on top of that one random song has that stupid icon next to it. This is an album I manually imported myself - so why is iCloud anything to do with it? I've included some pictures to show what I mean.

    Thanks a lot for any help as i'm very confused!


    EDIT: Oh My Sweet Lord.

    So I went in and delete the Dig Out Your Soul album so it was completely gone from iTunes.

    I then reimported it - ELEVEN SONGS - and upon opening the album in iTunes the album looks like a mess? What is this?! :(

  2. Soundburst, Oct 17, 2015
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    Oct 4, 2006
    All right, I deleted those albums and reimported them and all is good.

    However, now when I connect my iPhone - it doesn't sync that music back onto the phone so now I don't have those albums on my phone.

    Okay it appears when I import music on my iTunes. . . i then have to upload it to the cloud. . .then go to my phone. . .find the album. . .and then download it from the cloud.

    What an absolute mess.
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    Aug 8, 2013
    I have totally given up on iCloud music and iTunes match. What a buggy mess. I just make sure I import music into both of my Mac's and synch my iPhone with iTunes. I got so tired of the ratings mess it caused. Almost every time I opened iTunes up ratings had changed. Mainly album ratings getting applied magically without me doing it. Smart playlists use song ratings so this totally screws them up. I would rate one song on an album, it would go on the smart playlist due to the rating. At some point the whole album would be rated this rating and all of them were on my smart playlist.

    Also had some albums where there were two copies of songs. Very annoying.

    Needless to say, I am not going to have to fix ratings that this bug changes on a weekly basis. They need to fix this it is so annoying.
  4. Tech198, Oct 19, 2015
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    I don't think u can import local music and not have it upload to the cloud even though icloud library is on..

    Just don't import it.

    Apple music is SYNC'ing across devices, if u don't want the ability to sync, and stream (no way to separate), don't import songs and just connect your phone to Mac and sync songs directly via iTunes to phone.

    Basically what u'r saying is you'd rather have icloud library enabled but only sync music from the cloud only. Not going to happen. That destroys the ability to "sync across devices"

    iTunes could give a clearly picture as what is a duplicate of local file in one pane, and what it is in icloud in another, rather than just combine two songs ...

    I agree, that is confusing. You can always go under Get info (right click on song and in popup menu), go to "File" last tab, and look for "location"

    If this points to the path locally, then the song is local, if it says "iCloud" then its the cloud version of the song.

    Had the same thing happen, and u gotta really take a double look to see which is which.

    I've gvin up on the who mess and just decided to scrap the DRM from offline music with Macsome.. If Apple has issues with it,, they should have provided a better service.

    Coming on 4 month now, (first paid subscription), and not even one fix to any of this.
  5. Soundburst thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Oct 4, 2006
    No what I wanted was to Sync my Mac to my iPhone.

    But then have all the iCloud music sync'd over the cloud.

    The music on my MacBook in my own library is my own. . .I have files. . .I then copy this file to iPhone. I don't see why I can't just copy the music to the phone and that's that. Then if I DOWNLOAD music from iTunes then that can also download on the MacBook.

    I don't see why it wants to upload my music to the cloud. . . .and then to the phone. . .as opposed to straight to the phone from the cable.

    I've just accepted it's a mess and moved on lol.

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